Selected performances (chronological)

-       Ample Profanity ­– duo w. Oliver Coates for cello, keys, voices, objects. UK premiere at Spike Island, Bristol (April 20th) alongside AUDINT, Coby Sey, Elysia Crampton.
-       NEW ­– duo w. Tobias Illingsworth for keys, electronics, voices. TOPH @ Workplace, Gateshead (Jan 26th) alongside Will Guthrie.
-       Tithonus drunk - for projected drinker, flute, guitar, cello, saxophone. Written in collaboration with Sam Quill for the House Of Bedlam. Premiere at Snape Maltings, Suffolk (May 19th). Repeat performance at Cafe Oto, London (Dec 5th). Further 2017 performances - Liverpool University (March 29th), RNCM, Manchester (Nov 13th).
-       Polished Wood - duo w. Suze Whaites for voices, objects, electronics. Premiere at Reflektor festival, Berlin (June 29th). Further performances in 2017 at Caustic Coastal, Manchester (June 9th), Victoria and Albert Museum, London (June 26th), and Halmstad, Sweden (July 8th)
-       Yes, Indeed - duo w. Otto Willberg for double bass, voices, objects, electronics. Scandanavian tour: in Oslo, Gothenburg, Stockholm (May 6th - 8th).
-       DANO - for violin and objects. Premiere at 840 series, London (Jan 31st). Repeat performances in Manchester at IABF (5th March), Sandbar (Nov 17th), LEGROOM (Dec 2nd 2017).
-       Bad Eating, Limp Palm - for saxophone, double bass, synth, voices - premiered at ddmmyy series, Sandbar, Manchester (Jan 25th).
-       Ample Profanity - premiered with Oliver Coates at a Care Of Editions / Skyanpnea event at West Germany, Berlin (Dec 8th)
-       Water Yam - double bass, keys, objects, voices - with Otto Willberg. Slip show, Cafe Oto, London (Aug 4th).
-       Heat, War, Sweat, Law - electronics, voice, pitch pipes, objects. 2015: Radar, Aarhus (July 13th), Del Rex, Berlin (July 10th), Quiet Cue, Berlin (May 30th), XB Liebig, Berlin (May 26th). Further performances in 2016 - Cafe Oto, London (Jan 28th) -  and 2017 - AU, Vienna (April 13th), Islington Mill, Manchester (April 26th), Corsica Studios, London (28th Sep) / TOPH, Newcastle (Dec 8th).
-       45th Generation Roman / European Bob - for four players hitting flowerpots, singing/shouting, and electronics. 2 performances at Del Rex, Berlin. Premiere at ACM ensemble’s Fleck tour (June 17th) and repeat (Nov 13th).
-       Puddles of Rain / Buckets Of Tears. Premiere at LSO St Lukes, London (April 17th). Repeat performance at The Yard, London (April 21st 2017).
-       Camber Sands - for vibrating speaker, bricks, voices and double bass - with Otto Willberg, as part of a tour with Joe Snape. Harland Works, Sheffield (March 6th) / Hotspur Press, Manchester (March 3rd) / Hundred Years Gallery, London (Feb 28th).
-       Ia Kanuh Ai Cayunah - for flute and vibrating speaker, with accompanying projection by Suze Whaites. Premiered by Kathryn Williams at RNCM, Manchester (Feb 12th), and repeat performance (Jan 23rd 2016).
-       Dear Dope / Meeting Point - for ensemble and electronics. Premiered at ddmmyy series, RNCM, Manchester (Nov 16th), broadcast on BBC Radio 3’s Hear And Now (Jan 17th 2015). Repeat performance at City University, London (May 16th 2017), 2nd broadcast on Hear And Now (Jan 17th 2015).
-       Otto 1-4 - four text pieces in response to photographs by Suze Whaites. Premiered at ddmmyy series by Otto Willberg (double bass) at Sandbar, Manchester (Nov 4th)
-       Right Here - for flute, trumpet (with handheld speaker), violin. Piece developed in collaboration with visual artists Dori Deng and Meta Drcar. Premiered at LSO St Lukes, London, as part of the LSO Soundhub scheme (June 28th)
-       HANDY - a 4-date, 12-performance UK Tour curated with support from Sound and Music. Featuring new work Mylar - for 6 string banjo and harmonica, handheld electronics, saucepans - and four new commissions from Joe Snape, Tom Rose, Aaron Parker, Chaines. All housed in a battery-powered light installation by Dori Deng, 3 performances per day in Bournemouth (May 23rd), London (May 24th), Oxford (May 25th), Manchester (May 26th).

-       Ample Profanity: 12” (June 2018, Slip). Debut collaboration with ‘cellist Oliver Coates. -       Heat, War, Sweat, Law: CD/Cassette (May 2016, Slip). Played on BBC R3’s Late Junction,reviewed in We Need No Swords, Tiny Mix Tapes, featured in the Wire’s Below The Radar 23 compilation, and a Quietus 2016 Tape of the Year.

-       2 hour mix for Skyapnea show on London independent radio station NTS (August 1st 2015)
-       Article Necromancy published in Berlin journal Blatt 3000 (July 1st 2015).
-       Interviews with ddmmyy seriesand ATTN Magazine, 2014.
-       Compiles and presents radio shows for Resonance FM. Guests have included Joe Snape (March 1st 2015), Heatsick & Tom Rose (Dec 17th 2013), Sam Quill (29th November 2013).
-       Contributor on modern music for online magazine Electronic Beatsin 2015/16. Pieces include interviews with Mica Levi, Lorenzo Senni, Sam Kidel, and a review of 2015’s London Contemporary Music Festival.