~ w. Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach & Joel Wycherley

Fatty pilots a series of shows - by Joel and I - performed in and as TV. Fatty’s ultimate destination is to be binged as an ‘episode’ on screen(s) at the series’ close. Jessica is episode 1’s lead.

Joel’s set is inside/outside: TV set, front lawn, magnolia y mould, dredged up ornaments. Laurie lags on violin, synth, samples; Jessica watches and sings. The mind runs fast while the body sags, sludge in a cage, fat coagulating on bones.

voice - Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach
violin, samples, keys, voice - Laurie Tompkins
installation - Joel Wycherley

We worked on Fatty in the first week of September 2019 on a residency at Snape Maltings, making an installation and pair of performances as part of their ‘Festival Of New’.

In 2020, we are producing the ‘episode’ in London. 




Guilty: Buckbo/Camarout/UK Saggy and Peep Strawb/Lawn Xession/Mould Gut Lagga for me!


In Out.
Non Event.

Hot take.
No twist.

You like something doesn’t mean.
Joy suck thing and doesn’t enter my sphere no way.


It’s bad.

Effin’ porch. Head’s a sieve.

Couldn’t face real and good, desire cop muppet out.
wants in

Did penance by pale excuse for scrubbing, cherish my life burn my life b u r n!

Tasteless, aimless, boundless, each bit a torture.

Bang tight placeholder for actual life
c r u m b l e !

Take every morsel and drain the dump.

Pretty soon soil will appear a car chase loiter.
Forever in on the right shit grabbable mad under the stop never goes-ness.