Heat, War,
Sweat,  Law

~ solo

Heat, War, Sweat, Law is British composer Laurie Tompkins’ debut solo recording: a desperate stomp on the bones of Heaven 17’s ‘The Height Of The Fighting’, replete with rabid voices, cracked pots, faltering pipes, spent IKEA bags and egg shakers, and spasmodic ghosts of Martyn Ware synths.

Part foaming rant, part exercise routine, 'HWSL'’s incessant shaking, hammering and yelling wear down soloist, tools, and the tolerance of an audience put upon by a dispersed mob seeking to recruit them in their inane howling and clapping.

Released May 9th 2016 on Metallic gold C25 tape or CD, with download, through Slip.
Packaged with a fold-out A3 poster with ‘business wanker’ artwork by Joel Wycherley.
Tapes dubbed by Callum Higgins. Mixed and mastered by Owen Roberts

Featured on the Wire’s Below The Radar compilation
Plays on Spools Out Radio, Crow Versus Crow, The Wire’s Resonance FM show,
and BBC R3’s Late Junction

“…Glenn Gregory’s suave croons are a world away from these giddy bagatelles, evoking as they do a hurricane in a Sheffield charity shop…” –
Paul Margree, We Need No Swords
“…he cries meaningless bloody murder in nine tracks that resemble surreal playground games as much as they do compositions…” –
Tristan Bath, The Quietus
“…the receding hairline of an overwhelmed sound guy paying off the interest on his mic set case while pulling out hair…” –
Tiny Mix Tapes

video for “Sweat”, by Joel Wycherley

2017: 13th April, AU, Vienna / 26th April, Islington Mill, Manchester / 28th September, Corsica Studios, London / 8th December, TOPH, Gateshead (film by Gwilly Edmondez)

28th January, Slip takeover, Cafe Oto, London

2015 : 13th July, Radar, Aarhus / 10th July, Del Rex, Berlin / 30th May, Quiet Cue, Berlin / 26th May, XB Liebig, Berlin