Tithonus, drunk

~ w. Sam Quill & The House Of Bedlam

Tithonus, drunk is a short soap about life on the sauce for four instrumentalists, electronics, and projected drinker.

video of 5th Dec 2016 performance at Cafe Oto, London
(filmed by Sarah Hill)

The piece was made for a a residency with The House Of Bedlam in May 2016 at Snape Maltings, alongside new pieces by Larry Goves/Matthew Welton, and Joe Snape. All explored the possibilities of projected text and music.

We performed it again with Bedlam  at Cafe Oto as part of a ddmmyy event in Dec 2016, and at March 2017 at the University of Liverpool.

Laurie Tompkins - music & projected drinker / Sam Quill - text
The House Of Bedlam: Kathryn Williams - flute / Harry Fausing Smith - Saxophone / Tom McKinney - guitar / Steph Tress - cello

The instrumental score is here.